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2 Ursos Numa Fria
(2 Bears In Trouble)

In the year 2100, in the near future, global warming has completely melted the polar layers of our planet.

Consequently, animals that lived in these regions were also affected. All went extinct. Except two polar bears!

They escaped and live on a small block of ice isolated from the rest of the world. KIFRIL and FRIAKO are the last two specimens of their species. They live in an igloo and have an orca whale, named ROSE, as a pet. They don't know that they are survivors of an extinct species. Nor do they know that their fur is highly prized in the illegal fur trade.


With a lot of humor and ingenuity, they go through several adventures to survive (alone!) in this mysterious, chaotic world, with a lot of technology and a lot of heat!

(“2 URSOS NUMA FRIA” is a conceptual project  for an animated series, created by Aqueles Caras studio. Target audience: children of 7-9 years.)

Character Designer: Bernardo Prata

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