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4D imobi

This is Sindy! She is a digital assistant that we created for 4D imobi.

This brazilian disruptive start-up is a new experience in condominium management in the digital age, bringing together the best of technology and the best of humans. 4D imobi has the complete solution to take care of condominiuns with efficiency, transparency and agility.

Sindy came in to give the customers joy and charisma, but she didn't come alone. Sindy needed reinforcements to give a "creative punch" to the company's communication and marketing.

That's why we created the TOGEDERS and the ZOUTROS. They are two completely different tribes.


ZOUTROS are gray, moody, stressed, grumpy and pessimistic.

TOGEDERS are colorful, smiling, happy and enjoy being together as a family.

ZOUTROS, well... they are the others... They represent the situation of most condominiums, full of conflict, boring and obscure. People who don't care about their neighbor's life or their condominium's problems. I'm sure you've came across some of them, haven't you? 


TOGEDERS face all problems with lightness and a lot of collaboration. They work with 4D imobi. 

Oh, we almost forgot! We also created a friend for Sindy, to work in the comercial area. Her name is Vicky!


After being created, we had to put all these people to work hard! See how they have been used in 4D imobi (remember that this company is in the real estate market, ok?)

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