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i-ST3V3 (Apple)

This is Steve Jobs' latest creation: i-ST3V3.

Designed with a highly complex and innovative artificial intelligence system, i-ST3V3 has a strong personality, great persuasive power and real-time learning capability. This was a secret project that Steve had been working on personally. Only he had contact with the robot.

After the death of its creator, i-ST3V3 went into depression and isolated himself inside a box. During this time, he improved his artificial intelligence system, learning to deal with this new sensation and acquiring new skills.

During this period of isolation, i-ST3V3 only communicated through the internet, where he acquired some quirks: debating on social media and exposing his innovations.

But one day, thanks to his innovative ideas (and strong opinion!), i-ST3V3 managed to be recognized as an innovative robot by Apple! It was the end of the depression... Now he had a purpose and a motivation to exist.

Despite criticism related to its arrogant personality, the robot quickly gained fame and a legion of fans!

i-ST3V3 loves his work at Apple. Its mission is to make the company increasingly innovative.

Like father like son...


(“i-ST3V3” is a conceptual project, from the SUPERAICON Collection, created by Aqueles Caras studio.)

Character Designers: Bernardo Prata, Joel Nunes, Lívia Ballai, Lucas Galvão, Mylena Pessoa and Rotenfelder.

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