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These are the PEPES!

These cute furry ones are enchanted beings that protect a very peculiar type of plant: the Pelargonium sidoides.

The mission of Pepes is to guarantee the life of this small medicinal plant.


The Pepes can be seen in some variations of size, number of eyes and specific abilities, including strength, speed and keen eyesight.

What they all have in common is their coloring, a kind of “tattoo” pattern on their belly, and the luminescence at the tip of their tail.


During the day, Pepes are more skittish and keep their tail “off”. When night comes, they have a party in the forest! They play, feed and can be easily spotted by the fluorescent pink glow emanating from their tails.


Now you know, if during the night, you see “pink fireflies”, you can be sure that they are Pepes. 


Project created for the Pelargonium line of medicines from Herbarium botanical laboratory.

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