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THA & LIKE (Instagram)

Tha, is a modern, cheerful girl with few followers on Instagram.

But that changed drastically after the disappearance of her cat, Like!


In a mysterious way, her cat started to appear in several news posts around the world!


(Stay tuned, the mystery is just beginning!)


A short time later, Tha received in the mail a box with a vintage relic: a Polaroid camera. Along with the camera came instructions for use. It was a special camera capable of instantly taking her to the last place Like was! She just needed to take a selfie. Would it be possible? Or only a joke?


Tha didn't believe it, but she was so anxious to find her pink cat, with an eyepatch and heart-shaped pendant, that she took the risk.


Since then, from selfie to selfie, she's been traveling like hell! Tha is a smart girl so she started asking her followers for help. Will she be able to solve this mystery and find her lost Like ????


Now, pay attention: if the cat Like appears in your feed, don't forget to share #WheresLike #FindingLike


(“Tha & Like” is a conceptual project, from the SUPERAICON Collection, created by Aqueles Caras studio.)

Character Designers: Bernardo Prata, João Pedro Modesto, Mateus Campos, Otávio Augusto, Sabrina Kudo and Rotenfelder.

Tha Like Instagram
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