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ED LINK (Linkedin)

Looking for that “Dream Opportunity”? Ed Link is the right guy to help you! Inside Linkedin he can refer you to the right people, better, put you in front of them!

Ed has the power of connection, so he can “open doors” that are perfect for you! He counts on the help of his super-powerful suitcase which, when activated by the “Success Key”, opens the “Perfect Door For You”.

In gratitude, the people he helps give him their business cards, which he turns into buttons for his collection. Each button brings him a good memory.

Ed Link is a guy who loves opening doors, connecting people and creating opportunities. What about you? Shall we open your door?!


(“Ed Link” is a conceptual project, from the SUPERAICON Collection, created by Aqueles Caras studio.)

Character Designers: Bernardo Prata, João Borlido, Lorena Lopes, Matheus Anjos, Pedro Lito and Rotenfelder.

Ed Link Linkedin
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