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FEEL (Spotify)

“My name is Feel. I came from the future.


Where I came from, there was a catastrophe, and all the people who survived got used to living without one of the most powerful sources of joy: MUSIC.


I am part of a group of explorers who discovered how to travel through time. Our goal is to come back on specific dates, to prevent the catastrophe from happening.


That's why I'm here on Spotify.


My mission: to ensure that music continues to reach every corner of the world, bringing joy to everyone's lives.


Enough talk.

Do you wanna dance with me?”



(“FEEL” is a conceptual project, from the SUPERAICON Collection, created by Aqueles Caras studio.)

Character Designers: Adan Wevany, Bernardo Prata, Giovanna Baptista, Letícia Nascimento, Vitor Kuhlmann and Rotenfelder.

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