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RAFFA (Youtube)

Raffa is the concept of overcoming today!

With her intelligence, and the help of Youtube videos, the girl built herself an exoskeleton that allows her to overcome her disability: walking

Since then, practicing extreme sports has become a piece of cake! With her energetic personality, she records videos full of adrenaline and shows her inventions made with discarded pieces to her followers. This is how she built her flying skateboard!

“It doesn't have to be pretty, the important thing is to work. The true meaning of life is PRACTICE!” - says Raffa, the unstoppable youtuber.



(“RAFFA” is a conceptual project, from the SUPERAICON Collection, created by Aqueles Caras studio.)

Character Designers: Ana Clara de Aquino, Bernardo Prata, Gabriel Assis, Guilherme Pereira de Souza, Marcos Aureliano Valença and Rotenfelder.

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